Application of photovoltaic system

Overview of solar photovoltaic system

The connection mode of photovoltaic power station is divided into two categories: special line and T-type connection, which can be divided into access user grid and access to public power grid according to the access property...

The photovoltaic panel can be directly stored or used by direct current through the volt effect, which can also be converted into alternating current that meets the requirements of the grid and connected to the net. According to the voltage level of the photovoltaic power station connected to the power grid, it can be divided into two categories:

  • Small and medium-sized photovoltaic power stations
    220v/380v low voltage grid

  • Large and medium-sized photovoltaic power station
    10KV and above voltage grid

Overall solution

Electrical components used in photovoltaic system

Special Requirements

Large solar PV projects are usually located next to the desert beaches in the northwest, with big temperature differences, heavy condensation, high saline and alkaline and strong corrosivity. Therefore, it has higher requirements for choosing electrical components. The products should have stronger stability. Rigorous experiments, such as high and low temperature, high altitude and salt mist, will be tested to make sure that electrical components can be stabilized and used in photovoltaic systems, which is one of the basic guarantees for the long-term reliable operation of the photovoltaic system in strict environment.

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